We are changing the way health and wellbeing are
approached by providing an integrative solution to
support you to align all aspects of your life.


Seaside Freedom® is an Integrative Health Center providing support for the transmutation of limiting beliefs to an updated mind and body affinity assisting you in achieving your goals.

Seaside Freedom® Integrative Wellbeing Team provide a world-class PSYCH-K® and Energy Psychology optimisation from personal development through to business consultancy.

Our mission is to create an experience to support inner-changes, to empower your life ambitions and to assist the release of conditions affecting your mind-body-energy relationship.

Life doesn’t need to be complicated or to feel that constant sensation of stress and anxiety. Located at the heart of Auckland’s renowned suburb of St Heliers, our facilitation centre is equipped to attend you within a comfortable and discrete environment.

Our drug-free approach interacts by targeting the emotional and physical areas that affect your neurobiological system. The process is an easy, fast, effective and long-lasting release of unwanted constraints.

HeartMath✚ Technology

Studies conducted by the HeartMath✚ institute with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental and emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath technologies, used by NASA and now available at Seaside Freedom®. We are certified practitioners specialised on the HeartMath✚Heart rhythm patterns to support an easy, fast and permanent recovery.

24%↑ Focus • 30%↑ Better sleep • 38%↑ Calmness • 42%↑ Creativity • 46%↑ Anxiety • 48%↓ Fatigue • 56%↓ Depression • 

Seaside Freedom® Packages

Packages to support your growth



self-care   Pre and Post-Natal Care
LIVEWIRED® is a unique pre/postnatal package designed to assist new parents on updating existing limiting beliefs surrounding pregnancy, birth and childcare. The process taps into the latest neuroscience discoveries of epigenetics and cellular memory, supporting healthy in-womb development of your child.



foundation  Child Development Package
Seaside Freedom® PLAY is a gentle and playful optimisation created to support adjustments of children’s established behaviours using Energy Psychology and carefully modified CBT methods. Our facilitators operate using a Seaside Freedom’s own ‘storytelling approach’ while delivering a highly effective core belief change within a low impact session.



foundation  Academic Support
The distress of academic life sometimes can be challenging. WISEMIND® assists the removal of that tension while dealing with beliefs and circumstances holding you from performing. The results are an empowering sense of accomplishment and ‘can do’ attitude.



self-care  Core Belief Health Check
CORESTRONG® is an effective health check system elaborated to cover all the areas of a particular goal. It supports the transmutation of your existing core belief to an updated version helping you to optimise and align it with your desired objective.



self-care  Self-Development Package
Welcome to the future of self-development. MOTIVA® by Seaside Freedom® was created to adapt your existing condition to a new level of inner growth. Our lives measures by the stages and challenges that we are likely to encounter; and MOTIVA® support the optimisation of the existing to a better you while pairing limiting conditions accumulated over the years.



development  Biomechanical Activator
Seaside Freedom® FiiT® is the biomechanical program designed to work your body-mind connection while releasing unwanted emotions and feelings. Our expert facilitators combine a gentle cardiovascular walk to a series of relaxing mental exercises, stimulating ‘proprioception’, agility, flexibility and the liberation of trapped unhealthy conditions.



development  Inner-Euphoria
Seaside Freedom® PROLIFIC® promotes an adventure with unlimited possibilities. Imagine the power to forge your future self with precision and efficacy and bring into existence, all the fantastic traits and characteristics that you always admired. Adopt, transform and create a plausible reality of grandeur and magnitude. Make a pact with your future self and experiment new frontiers.



foundation  A Relationship of One
BLEND® ONE by Seaside Freedom® is an active core belief optimisation designed to prepare you for a better and healthier relationship with yourself and others. We target an array of social skills and compare it with your existing pre-established beliefs while adjusting it in accordance to facilitate your relationship between siblings, children, parents, relatives, friends, co-workers and all love connections.



foundation  The Relationship of Two
The core belief pairing that everyone is talking. The blending of healthy beliefs which assists the synchronisation of positive emotions and the support of actions and behaviours, assuring the maintenance and growth of a willing, easier, loving and happier life conjoint. BLEND® is designed to optimise both parties at the same time.



foundation  Supporting the supporter
Seaside Freedom® ASSIST® was developed to accommodate indispensable people during crucial times. A critical optimisation package devised to restore and strengthen essential core beliefs that amplify and invigorate our capacity to aid. ASSIST® is ideal for jobs requiring a supportive role, like teachers, nurses and family members promoting the healing and care of others.



development  Fahrenheit: The Business Mind / Celsius: Business Development Pogramme
IGNITE® By Seaside Freedom® integrate Energy Psychology with the business by creating an optimisation package to align beneficial beliefs with professional goals. Our carefully designed methodology assists the removal of any limiting belief such as fears of success and stagnation while replacing it with traits and values that you find relevant to succeed.



development  Life Purpose Optimisation
Witness the transformation of your life by optimising your internal filters. Seaside Freedom® SPROUT was developed to accommodate the renewing of a life story and support that boost of motivation and initiative to restart a new chapter in your career. This Purpose-Driven facilitation helps you to ‘knockdown’ any residues that limit you from achieving your real purpose.



self-care  Core Belief Optimisation
PSYCH-K® is a core belief optimisation developed to support the implementation of a ‘new truth’ into your subconscious mind which is responsible for 95% of your cognitive processes. This simple, effective, enduring and effective method assists with the communication within the concealed part of your brain, accountable for your long-term belief system that supports critical decisions.



foundation  The Health Booster

Seaside Freedom® Optimum Health & Wellbeing package was created by the creators of PSYCH-K®; updated to our standards with the addition of micronutrients dietary recommendations and our own modified approach to health and psychoneuroimmunology. The results is an effective health plan that strengthens your immune system and risk reduction of common diseases.




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Your true destiny lies inside of you as the architect
of a promising future and the impetus of an
accelerating capacity of which your life unfolds.
Make it count.


FIIT® by Seaside Freedom® is the ultimate optimisation package designed to align your mental state to a satisfactory physical goal by aligning mental roadblocks and replacing it with a healthy habit. FIIT® target specific core beliefs and emotional derivates from these limitations while considering any particular needs. Currently, the only Energy Psychology method of this kind worldwide, FIIT® is the final result of researches focused on biomechanics, neuroscience and epigenetics.

Upgrades to personal training and diet planning available.


Our Clients

I could never open up to my
deepest thoughts and these
sessions helped me to learn
new ways to be me. The
easy ways Rebekah facilitates
made me feel comfortable
and transformed.
I adore PSYCH-K® and
Regularly treat me with
a core belief check. The
results of each consultation
bring me peace and clear
mindset. Recommended.
A busy lifestyle means I don’t
have much of a chance to take
care of me as I should; Thanks
to Seaside and Roberto, a
workable plan developed to
address my needs.
I would have attended
PSYCH-K® twenty years ago
if I knew about it then. During
the optimisation I rediscovered
myself and it helped me to
transform my life to a better
These guys are great. The
Balances supported me during
a difficult time in my life and
without the process, it would
be hard to cope. Thank you,
Roberto and Rebekah.
I had a difficult last year with
school pressure and
Unbalanced lifestyle but since
my MINDWISE® optimisation,
I never enjoyed uni-life so
much. Rob worked with me to
create a personal program
that was easy to maintain.
Rebekah is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I was
Recommended BLEND® ONE
during a painful breakup and
after a few sessions with this
lovely lady, I am back on being
the person I meant to be.
I am not new to PSYCH-K®
traditional methods, however
I found the online optimisation
to be suitable for my needs as
I travel constantly. To know
That I am supported 24/7 is a
relief. Great teamwork.
I enjoy working and learning
new things and Roberto
supported me to create a
new belief and a change of
the mentality in regards to function
and possibilities. I don’t have to
stop ever. And I won’t.
Life is great! Juggling between
motherhood, husband, career
and study is easier and simpler
with the Seaside’s MOTIVA®
optimisation. I use and
Advocate the benefits of the
core belief transformation.
Thanks to Seaside, I can finally
dream again. I am back on my
track, achieving and creating
all my goals. I recommend
Roberto and his IGNITE®
package. Life-changing.