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Seaside Freedom® was created in 2018 to attend an increasing demand for quality
practitioners facilitating an integrative approach to health and care.

Our dedicated team are true enthusiasts within the holistic health industry in New Zealand,
working for the propagation of a gentle and reliable practice in and out of our premises.

The Enthusiasts

Our Team


Peggy Li

Holistic Massage Therapist
Rebekah Phin

Rebekah Phin

Wellbeing & PSYCH-K® Facilitator
Roberto Correa

Roberto Correa

Wellbeing & PSYCH-K® Facilitator
The Methodology

Our Work

Seaside Freedom® integrates the efficiency of Energy Psychology with the latest discoveries of Neuroscience.

combine years of experience with wellbeing

new clients optimisations in 2019 

of Energy Psychology effectiveness  

new projects and exclusive packages 

Given our enthusiasm with personal growth and development, our team is made up of academics, researchers and wellbeing specialists.

We use the Mind-Body approach // in conjunction with the latest evidence-based researches. Our Energy Psychology work is supported by education in neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and quantum science;  assisting the integration of modern medical practices with a fast and effective release of unwanted condition patterns.

We treat the person// Seaside Freedom® offers a personalised approach to your care by applying a painless and drug-free method with active participation of our clients. The results are the releasing of your existing condition and the creation of a newly qualified belief that empowers and revigorate your future self.

We cooperate with you // As we establish friendly and easygoing facilitation, empowering you to take control of your own action plan during your day-to-day life. Optimisation and practice are the keys to a healthy habit evolution.

Consciousness Hacking // Seaside Freedom® is an active member of a global community exploring technology as a catalyst for psychological, emotional and energy flourishing. Through our community, we advocate for a variety of meditative and wellbeing traditions supported by today technological advances. // Find more: Consciousness Hacking

Our Methodology


Seaside Freedom® MIND² was developed to compose a clean and straightforward standard for neural
transformation and to provide an effective and consistent optimisation across all services and packages.

The psychological process of bringing one's attention to occurring experiences in the present; and being aware of mental and physical states. Mindfulness allows for a more adaptive reaction to stressful situations and encourages us to open up and accept our emotions.
This step promotes the identification of limiting beliefs through kinesiology and biofield work and the planning of practical solutions. Seaside Freedom® optimisation supports the revelation of ineffective conditions that were still anchoring us from moving forward.
Neural Change
Neural changes are a drug-free procedure that optimises your brain by implementing a new truth and replacing the extinct core belief that no longer assist you. These changes of perception are essential during many events of our lives when a clear manifestation is required.
A vigorous manifestation and implementation of a new reality, supported by a feasible action plan, assisting the formation of new neural synapses. This new truth becomes permanent and strengthens over time with active engagement by practice, exercise and replacing limiting beliefs with neural-pruning. Practice becomes manifestation.
our Memberships

Projects & Collaborations

Seaside Freedom® is an active member of numerous associations internationally collaborating with the
latest studies and researches of Energy Psychology, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, neuroscience and energy healing.

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Seaside Freedom® Privacy Policy Guidelines (PPG), are established to protect you and your privacy, including the information upheld by us while we support your optimisation goal.

Seaside Freedom® takes your privacy and right to information seriously, and we have adopted all the necessary measures to make sure that you, your data and optimisation are safe while under our care. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy Guidelines.

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53 Cliff Road, St Heliers – Auckland 1071
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Integrated Health Disclaimer // Our services and optimisations including PSYCH-K®, CORESTRONG®, MOTIVA®, WISEMIND®, PLAY™, IGNITE®, SPROUT®, FiiT®, BLEND®, BLEND®ONE, LIVEWIRED®, ASSIST®, PROLIFIC® and others; are helpful solutions and resources created to support the transmutation of a mental state through a safe facilitation procedure and may offer benefits for many physiological, psychological, and bioenergetic concerns. We are a science-based wellbeing studio supported by the latest academic researches in neuroscience, neuropsychology and neuroplasticity; operating with an energetic approach to mental health conditions* and other life challenges. Our services are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, drug therapy, surgery, radiation, or other conventional medical interventions or mental health assistance. Medical exams and diagnostic evaluations by your physician or other mental health professionals are an essential aspect of wellbeing.
* traumas / anxieties / panic attacks / stresses / distresses / fears & phobias / depression / bipolar / eating issues / schizophrenia / substance abuse & addiction / emotional & mood / Et Al.

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